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Eastern Hockey League: Young New England Wolves making howls heard

With players ranging all eligible birth years for junior hockey this year – from 1997 on to 2001 – the 2017 New England Wolves are beginning to make noise in the Eastern Hockey League. By Joshua Boyd By mid-October, their record of 3-7-1 might not have scared too many opponents, but a step in the…

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Eastern Hockey League: Philadelphia Revolution get off to fiery 4-0 start

Last year, the Eastern Hockey League’s Mid-Atlantic Division was ironclad from top to bottom, from the Philadelphia Little Flyers (winners of 33 in a row) and the Philadelphia Jr. Flyers (eventual playoff champions) to the Philadelphia Revolution all giving no love to opponents from the City of Brotherly Love. By Joshua Boyd The New Jersey Rockets…

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East Coast Wizards: Game action set to begin on Sept. 20

The long wait is almost over, and the East Coast Wizards are set to return to action. By Neil Ravin Coming off of the best season in franchise history, the expectations for the Wizards are higher than they’ve ever been before. Despite 10 different players making their NCAA commitments this past season, the Wizards still…

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