Seacoast Spartans join forces with U.S. Performance Academy online school

U.S. Performance Academy (USPA) is an accredited, private, online school created for athletes. The Seacoast Spartans are an elite AAA ice hockey program.

The USPA and Spartans have partnered to provide elite players with the opportunity to develop their hockey skill sets while focusing on a strong academic curriculum.

Located in Exeter, N.H., the Seacoast Spartans and The Rinks at Exeter will develop a state-of-the-art blended learning environment. This will allow for athletes to excel in both athletics and academics through the USPA education platform.

USPA will create an integrated and individualized academic experience for each of its student-athletes.

“Finding a rigorous yet flexible academic option was an important aspect for our growth,” says Travis Bezio, co-owner of The Rinks at Exeter. “Our strategic focus includes developing our athletes not only on the ice, but in the classroom as well.

“Blending athletics and academics together was important for our athletes. They can be excellent students as well as excellent athletes,” Bezio said. “The USPA program enables our athletes to get more on-ice training time in an affordable way. This philosophy, although new in U.S. team sports, is prevalent in Europe. It is prevalent even with high performance individual sports in the U.S. such as tennis or skiing. High end academics and athletics need not be mutually exclusive.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased to partner with an organization like the Seacoast Spartans and The Rinks at Exeter,” said Peter Smith, USPA President. “What is most exciting about this program is that the team has continued to focus on excellence at every level of their program’s development.

“From the innovative learning environment that the student-athletes will be working, to their unique daily schedule, the smallest detail is carefully examined. This results in an incredibly exciting program.”

For more information or to apply for the Spartans/USPA Academic program, please contact Travis Bezio at


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