Seacoast College Prep sets up challenging, diverse schedule for new season

It is early August, but Seacoast College Prep head coach Nick Therrien can tell you where he’ll be on any given weekend next January.

By Joshua Boyd

One of Therrien’s earliest responsibilities as the new head coach of the college prep squad with the Seacoast organization was setting up the 2017-18 schedule.

He has helped to create a challenging and diverse schedule that will see the Seacoast College Prep squad go up against teams of many different stripes.

For example, the team kicks off on Sept. 8 at the home Rinks at Exeter (N.H.) against the Eastern Hockey League’s New England Wolves. After a second straight home game against Ridley College, of St. Catherines, Ont., it’s on to their first showcase.

“We are playing in many heavily-scouted showcases, which will feature excellent competition,” said Therrien.

The first showcase is at Bridgton Academy, of Bridgton, Maine, between Sept. 22-24.

That is followed directly by the Ridley College Showcase in St. Catherines, Ont., and the New England Fall Prep League Showcase at Salem, N.H. After home-and-home games against Bridgton Academy and the Middlesex Bears bridge October toNovember, it’s back over the Canadian border.

Seacoast College Prep will play in the Mathieu Darche Tournament in Terre Bonne, Que., just north of Montreal from Nov. 9-11.

Additional showcases will bring them to Cheshire Academy in Connecticut, and New Hampshire for the Northeast Hockey Showcase, hosted by the Tilton and New Hampton Schools. The team will also play at the St. Andrew’s College Tournament, in Aurora, Ont.

Seacoast College Prep also has a pair of games against New England College’s sub-varsity team, and one against Middlebury College’s sub-varsity team.

At this time, the Seacoast College Prep team is considering a number of scheduling options, including an invitation to play at the Lake Placid Invitational, which will be hosted by the Northwood School in January. They are also considering playing a number of individual games on college campuses.

“Our diverse schedule will have us playing in front of a wide range of college scouts. Our guys will really benefit from that kind of exposure,” said Therrien.

This mix of facing junior and prep teams, as well as college sub-varsity teams, from both sides of the U.S.-Canada border has only increased the attention players are paying to the Seacoast College Prep developmental model.

The program will also consist of an intense on-ice training regimen, and its players will be engaged in a highly disciplined off-ice strength and fitness developmental program in their state-of-the-art gymnasium.

Each Seacoast College Prep student-athlete will be required to work at a job. They will also continue their academic progression to reaching educational goals, with numerous educational options like the U.S. Performance Academy’s online program.

“We’re continuing to generate a lot of momentum, recruiting-wise,” said Therrien.

“With my experience at three of the top NCAA Division 3 programs – Utica College, Plymouth State and Buffalo State – my goal is to run this program like those programs were run. We just have to make a few adjustments, but the end goal will be something which every student hockey player will accomplish with great pride.”

“Throughout August, the work was set to continue in terms of solidifying the roster, continuing our recruiting program and continuing to market the Seacoast College Prep squad,” said Therrien.

“We are trying to create a better online presence for all within our program, and trying to do so with great efficiency,” added Therrien.

Therrien continues to work on a daily basis with the remainder of the hockey operations staff – college prep director Mike Addesa, college prep coordinator; Kurt Mallett, who also serves as the head coach for the 16U team; 18U head coach Matt Pinchevsky; 18U assistant coach Alex Arthur; and the organization’s scouting coordinator Matt Lavallee, who will also serve as an assistant coach for the college prep and 16U teams.

“We’re all here in the office, so we see each other pretty regularly. When we’re out recruiting, we cross paths multiple times, especially at the Hockey Night In Boston Major Showcase, and at the Chowder Cup, both held near the end of July,” said Therrien. “We’re all pulling in the same direction and working hard to make Seacoast College Prep the best destination program in North America.”

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