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FCA Athlete of the Month - May

By USAJHM Staff, 06/03/21, 12:30PM EDT



Clayton Cosentino

Athletes Team and Level (High school, Junior, etc.): 

Aberdeen Wings (NAHL) junior

Athletes Hometown:

San Carlos CA

Athletes Position:


Athletes Birth date:

june 18 2000

Athletes Height, Weight

6'2 195

Pick one of the following attributes (Teamwork, Excellence, Serving, and Integrity): Why is this attribute important to you?

Serving: Serving is so important to me because it's something that can always be done whether at the rink or at church and everywhere in between. But serving is so important to me because with hockey you're on the road a lot traveling and playing games that you may have to miss church but that doesn't mean you can't do God's work. Serving can come in all different forms whether it's putting others first in all of you, being the guy people can come talk to or just leading by example in a righteous way.  God wants us to be pillars in our community and serving others and being a light to teammates and even opponents is just what God desires from us. 

Have you been involved with FCA or FCA Hockey in the past? What has been your experience with us? How has FCA Hockey impacted you?

I have been part of a FCA discipleship class, it was a great experience because I was able to meet and study with other guys in the same shoes as me in regards with becoming a better disciple for the Lord as well as going through our junior hockey careers. 

What is your favorite scripture verse? Why is this important to you?

Phillipians 4:13 is my favorite verse because it is something that is always true and gives me encouragement to compete and strive for success day in and day out. 

What else should we know about you?

I love to fish and spend time with my buddies!