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FCA Athlete of the Month - December

By USAJHM Staff, 12/31/20, 5:00PM EST


Tyler Rider of the Chippewa Steel Wins Monthly Honors

Athletes Name: Tyler Ryder
Athletes Team and Level (High school, Junior, etc.): Chippewa Steel (NAHL)
Athletes Hometown: Byron Center, Michigan
Athletes Position: Defensemen
Athletes Birth date: 12/7/2001
Athletes Height, Weight: 6’3 190 lbs.
Pick one of the following attributes (Teamwork, Excellence, Serving, and Integrity): Why is this attribute important to you? 

Serving is one of the most important attributes to me because it shows others what being a Christ Follower is about and is a great way for others to see Christ through you.

Have you been involved with FCA or FCA Hockey in the past? What has been your experience with us? How has FCA Hockey impacted you? 

I have attended Northstar Christian Academy for two years and multiple FCA events which have completely changed my life. I will forever be impacted by those two years that truly set me down
the right path.
What is your favorite scripture verse?

Romans 12:1 Why is this important to you? This verse is important to me because it tells us how we are supposed to truly worship God with everything we do because what he has done for us.
What else should we know about you?

I love spending time with my family and friends.