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Patience Key for Coach Breen and the Chiefs

By Jim Smith, 06/20/19, 8:00AM EDT


NEWINGTON, CT -- While certainly focusing on completing rosters and the seemingly never-ending recruiting process is foremost in most junior college coaches plans this time of year, they also realize that patience, indeed, is a virtue.

Through his range of coaching experiences in the EHL, NAHL and USHL, Connecticut Chiefs head coach Neil Breen is aware of the hurry up and wait scenario common at this point of the calendar year.

“I have been doing this a long time and I am patient as I know around June it gets a little slow. Once mid-June hits for the NAHL draft it gets busy again. I just try to keep it level this time of year and know we’ll be signing guys until the start of the season.  It is important to be patient and not rush kids into decisions,” commented Breen.

As Breen prepares his team’s 2019-20 schedule and completes other tasks on his off-season “to-do” list, the Chiefs’ bench boss has been involved in a number of related deeds.

Among the activities Breen is involved with in June is hosting a showcase in Newington, Connecticut.

“June is typically a slower month when it comes to showcases so we do one in June to keep the wheels going,” offered Breen.

“The players are there to been seen by junior teams or just to get a good skate around guys their age,” assessed Breen.

Breen is a realist that knows while it may seem slow at certain times, the level of activity can change quickly, and preparedness is critical.

“Just when you think you have a dull moment, your phone blows up ten times in a row and something new is happening,” declared Breen.

Regarding his own roster construction project, Breen is pleased with the progress to date, stating, “We’re happy with who we have signed thus far and now it’s just kind of waiting on those extra guys or those upgrades that pop up.”

Critically important to Breen and the Chiefs organization is providing the right opportunity for the players in their trust.

“Nineteen and twenty-year old’s want to know that they are going to have a good experience,” assessed Breen.

As Breen paces himself toward the beginning of the 2019-2020 campaign, he is ready for another season to begin as well.

“I am eagerly excited for the season to start and excited to see how some guys I have from some other leagues with translate into this [EHL] league.”

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