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Official’s Spotlight - Christian Mazzone

By USAJHM Staff, 06/12/19, 9:00AM EDT


BOSTON, MA -- During a hockey game, who has the toughest job on the ice? The officials.

There is no game with no officials, and no individuals get more criticism throughout the sport. The officials are in charge of monitoring the game in a fair and honest manner. They are also involved with every play, as they can never make a line change, and throughout the contest, they need to be as invisible as possible. There is no task more difficult than officiating a hockey game, and as a thank you to these top-notch individuals, the USAJHM is proud to present a monthly official’s spotlight, highlighting an advocate of the game that has gone above and beyond.

This month’s official’s spotlight features Christian Mazzone.

When did you first get involved in hockey, and what interested in the officiating side of the game?

I started learn to skate in Methuen youth hockey when I was 5 years old. At age 12, I became a full-time goalie. When I was about 14 years old my dad said it was time to get a job, and askedme to try referring. I figured I wouldgive it a shot, and it was the best thing I ever did, as I love every day I lace them up.

How long have you been an official for and what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned while in your role?

I have been an official for eightyears. Since I have been working for Geno Binda, the biggest thing I have learned is to trust the process. Geno always tells us to work hard and be professional, and good things will happen. I am lucky enough to besurround by great officials that helpedme in the process along the way.

How has junior hockey helped push you in your officiating career?

I feel when I take the ice for a junior hockey game, the players and theofficials work hard to get to thenext level. I have learned how to communicate with the players and coaches, which sometimes is not easy.It’s great because not only does it havethe 3-man system, but I get practice in the 4-man system as well. Thanks to junior hockey it has helped me move to the NCAA.

What accomplishments have you achieved as an official?

Division II -- AHA Women’s Championship Game
Division II -- Northeast 10 Men’s Championship Game
NCAA -- Men’s Official Atlantic Hockey
Linesman Tier II -- NAHL
Linesman/Referee -- USPHL
Linesman/Referee – EHL

Looking forward, what are your short-term and long-term goals?

Geno has me ready to line Division I hockey next year, which is something that I am really excited about.

For long-term goals, there are many paths. The Hockey East has been a goal since I started referring, as well as ECHL, or wherever this road takes me. I would like to thank the whole Bindafamily for all the help they’ve provided to me throughout my officiating career.