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Inside the EHL: A glimpse into the ‘Off-Season’

When it comes to hockey it’s pretty simple. When it’s cold, it’s hockey season, and when it’s warm, it’s the off-season.

By Neil Ravin / Director of PR and Social Media

For the Eastern Hockey League, the summer months serve us all in many different ways.

The four-plus months off are a chance to regroup and refresh, and a chance to prep for the upcoming season. This off-season in particular has been filled with plenty of prep work.

Neil Ravin,Eastern Hockey League,USA Hockey

Neil Ravin.

Starting in the fall, the league and its two divisions are taking a new approach.

Throw out the Premier and Elite labels, and we’re now using the Eastern Hockey League and the Eastern Hockey League Premier. With the two separate sets of teams come two different websites and individual social media pages for each division.

Both upgrades have been finalized, so be sure to check out the revamped and the brand new

The off-season work started there, and has continued with the schedules for this upcoming season. This is one of the more enjoyable tasks in my opinion, and let’s just says that the EHL schedule is much different from the EHLP schedule.

I’ll be straightforward when I tell you that not everyone enjoys the scheduling process as much as I do. But I see the fun side in building the whole year in front of us, and then crossing the finish line when it’s completed.

For the EHL, the 16 teams are split into two separate conferences, and then the conferences each have two divisions comprised of four teams respectively. Quite simply, you play six times (three home and three away) against the teams in your division. You play four times against the other division in your conference (two home and two away). Teams will play two times against each team in the other conference (one home and one away).

Keep in mind that a number of these games will fall during showcase play. Every team will finish with 50 games played at the end of the regular season.

For the EHLP, it’s not that simple with 13 total teams, five of which are in the North Conference and eight are in the South Conference.

Through a lot of used scrap paper, we were able to nail down 44 games for every team. That ncludes seven showcase games apiece. Showcases will include a guest team to help even numbers. The EHL Premier is expected to continue to develop players for the jump to the EHL.

Be sure to check out the league websites for all your news updates, and each respective schedule should be coming out in mid-July. #EHLhockey #EHLPhockey


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