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Philadelphia Revolution: Corey Primeau named director of player personnel

Philadelphia Revolution: Corey Primeau named director of player personnel

The Philadelphia Revolution is proud to announce Corey Primeau as their new assistant general manager and director of player personnel.

Primeau has spent the past three seasons coaching at the Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels with Team Comcast in Pennsauken, N.J.

This season, Corey has been the assistant coach with the Revolution U14 Elite team. General manager Chris Kanaly believes that Primeau will be a valuable resource for the Revolution program as it builds its youth teams.

“Corey brings a wealth of experience from the youth level and will be able to actively recruit and retain the Philadelphia region’s top young talent that will eventually become the lifeblood of our system here in Philadelphia,” said Kanaly.

Corey comes from a hockey family. His father Keith Primeau played 15 seasons in the NHL, as did both of his uncles, Wayne Primeau and Derrick Smith.

Additionally, Corey has worked within the hockey business for the Durham Hockey Institute as both a scout and coach after his college days.

“The Revolution program has been carefully adding the right people at all levels,” added Kanaly. “From the youth staff, on up through our junior programs, we have been organically growing our teams into a first class organization that will compete and win at all levels.”

“This is a dream come true,” said Corey. “It is a huge step for me in a direction that I want to be going. I don’t know too many organizations that treat you like the Revolution has treated me, and so I am grateful for that. Being able to work with Chris [Kanaly] is a great opportunity and I am looking forward to building the program at all levels and the challenges that come with it.”

The Philadelphia Revolution will field teams at the U12, U14, U16 and U18 Elite levels and Junior A and B for the 2015-2016 season. The Revolution are proud members of the Eastern Hockey League, Metropolitan Junior Hockey League, Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League and the East Coast Elite League.

For more information about the Revolution program and how to join the Revolution, go online to philadelphiarevolution.net or contact Chris Kanaly, general manager at 609-713-4520 or ckanaly@philadelphiarevolution.net.

Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League: League announces 2014-15 All-Star teams

Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League: League announces 2014-15 All-Star teams

The EJEPL is proud to announce the All-Star selections for the (12-13-14-16-18) levels that will participate in this season’s All-Star Jamborees, which will be held in January 2015.

The 12-13-14U games will be hosted by the Connecticut Oilers at the SoNo Ice House on Jan. 19. The 13U game will be played at 9 a.m., followed by the 12U (11 a.m.) and the 14U (3 p.m.)

Host Ryan Hughes and the Oilers will host a great event for the boys. They have worked hard to make this event a success.

The 16-18U games will be hosted by the Rhode Island Hitmen and the Boston Bandits at Brown University in Providence, R.I., on Jan. 25.

The 16U team will play at 10 a.m. and the 18U will follow at 1:30 p.m.

There will be college coaches running a short seminar and the event will be well scouted. Event director Chris Jones has planned a great event with plenty of exposure.

“With so many top 16U and 18U players chosen for this game, the scouts will have many top prospects to monitor,” said co-director Todd Stirling.

The league will unveil its new All-Star jerseys for the 16U’s and 18U’s and all amenities will be provided for the players.

“The Division 1 college setting is appropriate for all the top prospects in the EJEPL,” said commissioner Henry Lazar.

The teams at all levels will play a 60-minute game with two ice cuts. The hosts are preparing programs for the families and scouts.

The players get to keep their jerseys as a souvenir of their accomplishments.


12U White

Coaches: Allain Lemieux (Pittsburgh) and Derek Barbour (Connecticut Chiefs)

Forwards: Mitchell Nanney (Pitt. Selects), Ethan Tamborski (Pitt. Selects), Tucker Lamb (Pitt. Selects), Jeff Lumia (Conn. Chiefs), Matt Arena (Conn. Chiefs), Jordan Nelson (Conn. Chiefs), Tyler Gordon (Conn. Chiefs), James Bell (Philly Little Flyers), Jack Ford (Philly Little Flyers), Mike Casey (Philly Little Flyers), Andrew Landry (Frederick Freeze), Anthony DiVita (GNY Stars)

Defense: Jonas Sopko (Pitt. Selects), Reed Troutman (Pitt. Selects), Cohl D’Addabbo (Conn. Chiefs), Trevor Demers (Conn. Chiefs), Chris Wong (Philly Little Flyers), Dan Sambuco (Philly Little Flyers), Nick Pinto (Fredercik Freeze), Brendan Riley (Freeport Arrows)

Goalies: Mike Delehanty (Pitt. Selects), Luke Jaspin (Philly Little Flyers), Brandon Ciampanelli (RI Hitmen)


12U Blue

Coaches: Yves Heroux (Red Bank) and Garry Cremen (Howard Huskies)

Forwards: Matt Veneri (Northern Cyclones), George Haigley (Howard Huskies), Anthony Domina (Howard Huskies), Sam Catalano (Red Bank Generals), Jack Spagnuola (Red Bank Generals), Joe Robinson Jr. (Brewster Bulldogs), Jon Radatovich (Brewster Bulldogs), Kevin McGuire (N.H. Monarchs), Owen Roberto (New Hampshire Monarchs), Adam Maiorama (Conn. Barons), Kevin Mroczka (Long Island Rebels), Joe Pearson (Igloo Jaguars)

Defense: Colin Ferris (Northern Cyclones), Scott Cremen (Howard Huskies), Connor Flynn (Howard Huskies), Andrew Schmid (Red Bank Generals), Logan Heroux (Red Bank Generals), Dan Schmidt (Brewster Bulldogs), Zach Stimeling (N.H. Monarchs), Zach McEvoy (Igloo Jaguars)

Goalies: Gavin Ross (Howard Huskies), Lee Conlu (Brewster Bulldogs), Ethan Livingston (N.H. Monarchs)

13U White

Coaches: Danny Kearns (Atlantic Aces) and Eric Baxter (R.I. Hitmen)

Forwards: Brock Baumann (Atlantic Aces), Kyle Coblentz (Atlantic Aces), Matt Lavoie (Atlantic Aces), Jacob Tivey (R.I. Hitmen), Jack Dean (R.I. Hitmen), Eric Baxter (R.I. Hitmen), Kevin Rigatti (Red Bank Generals), Jack Monahan (Red Bank Generals), Max Dworkin (Long Island Edge), Owen Rowell (L.I. Edge), Tom Ashmore (Conn. Chiefs), Joe Arlotta (Igloo Jaguars)

Defense: Andrew Cohen (Atlantic Aces), Ryan Falls (R.I. Hitmen), Bob Seelinger (Red Bank Generals), Garrett Silverman (Red Bank Generals), Andrew Frost (L.I. Edge), James Neubert (L.I. Edge), Colin Williams (Conn. Chiefs), Matt Kilkenny (Igloo Jaguars)

Goalies: Quinn Kearns (Atlantic Aces), Austin Sequiera (R.I. Hitmen), Andrew Capasso (Conn. Chiefs).


13U Blue

Coaches: Joe Lunny (Brewster Bulldogs) and Bill Choy (Hollydell Hurricanes)

Forwards: Ethan Behar (Brewster Bulldogs), Brandon LaSpina (Brewster Bulldogs), Brian O’Shea (Brewster Bulldogs), Lorenzo Marcolin (CP Dynamo), Nick Serafin (CP Dynamo), Nick Newman (LI Royals), Ryan Levene (Conn. Barons), Paul Molnar (N.H. Monarchs), Parker Joyce (N.H. Monarchs), Matt Meldrum (Hollydell Hurricanes), Andrew McGinley (Hollydell Hurricanes), Brendan Knightly (Conn. Barons)

Defense: Moses Acee (CP Dynamo), T.J. McKee (Brewster Bulldogs), Tyler Lunny (Brewster Bulldogs), Ryan Henshaw (L.I. Royals), Cable Rizan (N.H. Monarchs), Chase Dyar (Hollydell Hurricanes), Jeff Leap (Hollydell Hurricanes), CJ Deluca (Brewster Bulldogs)

Goalies: Travis Rathwell (CP Dynamo), Matt D’Alonzo (Hollydell Hurricanes), Ross Higgins (Hollydell Hurricanes)


14U White

Coaches: Adrien Thomas (Red Bank Generals), Kyle Lucas (Delaware Ducks), Ray Padilla (Brewster Bulldogs)

Forwards: Nick Lidondici (Red Bank Generals), Brian Lareigh (Red Bank Generals), Fisher Sellers (Delaware Ducks), Justin McGee (Delaware Ducks), Kyle Madigan (South Shore Conquistadors), Shane Kearney (GNY Stars), Reed Stark (Brewster Bulldogs), James Carrier (Brewster Bulldogs), Simon Dass (Howard Huskies), Mike Hughes (Howard Huskies), Kevin Hatton (Exton Kings), Sam Libetti (Igloo Jaguars)

Defense: Hunter Ray (Igloo Jaguars), Mitchell Bozhko (Howard Huskies), Rob Ruiz (South Shore Conquistadors), Seamus Carroll (Brewster Bulldogs), John Immello (L.I. Edge), Xander Wehner (Delaware Ducks), Jim Dowd (Red Bank Generals), Brian Woellmer (CP Dynamo)

Goalies: Cirian McNelis (Red Bank Generals), Justin Padilla (Brewster Bulldogs), Isaac Bleicher (Igloo Jaguars)


14U Blue

Coaches: Brian Wolcott (Conn. Oilers), Mike Cleveland (York Devils), Eric Daddario (Northern Cyclones)

Forwards: Colin Rueda (Conn. Oilers), Felix Morozov (Philadelphia Revolution), Ryan Eckert (Conn. Oilers), Nick Rapallo (Toms River Blackhawks), Tom Richter (Conn. Oilers), James Belleavoine (R.I. Hitmen), Christian Duvall (York Devils), David Lundy (York Devils), Matt Owens (Quakers Hockey), Dan Woods (Northern Cyclones), Zach Currier (Northern Cyclones), Joe Centrone (Hollydell Hurricanes)

Defense: Jake Levato (Conn. Oilers), Marcos Zarragoitia (York Devils), Clay Korpi (Conn. Oilers), Justin Cohn (Quakers Hockey), Logan Clavet (R.I. Hitmen), Clayton Coassin (Conn. Chiefs), Eric Hurell (Northern Cyclones), Brandon Pierson (Conn. Oilers)

Goalies: George McMichael (Conn. Oilers), Adam Kimball (York Devils), Mike Kennedy (Conn. Chiefs).


16U White

Coaches: Brett Clouthier (CP Dynamo), Wayne Cerzullo (York Devils), Bud Buonato (Maryland Selects)

Forwards: Conor Leach (CP Dynamo), Jack Bloem (CP Dynamo), Sam Steele (York Devils), George Vonakis (Maryland Selects), Chris Thomas (Northern Cyclones), Jarod Lavellee (Northern Cyclones), A.J. Bella (Conn. Oilers), Brandon Mitchell (R.I. Hitmen), Derek Golembrosky (Delaware Ducks), Kle Evangelista (R.I. Hitmen), Larry Niland (GNY Stars), Brett Ruiz (San Diego Gulls)

Defense: Justin Geary (CP Dynamo), Nick Kopff (CP Dynamo), Ryan Wilson (San Diego Gulls), Nolan Lavellee (Northern Cyclones), Nick Marolda (Northern Cyclones), Drew Poleshuk (York Devils), Connor Seay (Maryland Selects), Connor Kucharski (Cleveland Lumberjacks)

Goalies: Connor Murphy (CP Dynamo), A.J. Gemma (R.I. Hitmen), Jagger Denys (San Diego Gulls)


16U Blue

Coaches: Pat Kielb (Richmond Generals), Chris McCafferty (Red Bank Generals), Mykul Haun (Apple Core)

Forwards: John Billingsley (Richmond Generals), Justin Bofshever (Boston Bandits), Will Christensen (Apple Core), Kevin Felice (Red Bank Generals), Patrick Giles (Richmond Generals), Evan Hoey (Red Bank Generals), Tom Martin (Richmond Generals), Kevin Paganini (Apple Core), Lucas Prestamo (Apple Core), Jake Roberts (Richmond Generals), Vincent Tomasetti (Red Bank Generals), Conner Woolley (Apple Core)

Defense: Dmitri Cirillo (Igloo Jaguars), Conor Deverin (Red Bank Generals), Zachary Jones (Richmond Generals), Cooper Jones (Boston Bandits), Taylor Kielb (Richmond Generals), Ryan Lieth (Apple Core), Connor Warren (Apple Core), MacIntyre Wiseman (Richmond Generals)

Goalies: Brendan Brawley (Philly Little Flyers), Ben Fleichman (Apple Core), Lenny Schwartz (L.I. Royals)


18U White

Coaches: Brad Shaver (CP Dynamo), Nate Morrison (Conn. Oilers), Eric Wolf (Quakers Hockey)

Forwards: Riley Horvath (CP Dynamo), Josh Haskin (CP Dynamo), Jake Juron (CP Dynamo), Chris Hunt (CP Dynamo), Eric Pesola (R.I. Hitmen), Steve McElroy (Quakers Hockey), Chris Rodier (Quakers Hockey), Matt Carreras (Quakers Hockey), Ivan Balandin (Northwood), Jared McCracken (Boston Rangers), Kevin Robinson (Conn. Oilers), Jack Mendillo (Conn. Oilers)

Defense: Mike Perkette (CP Dynamo), Andrew Barber (CP Dynamo), Ryan Beliveau (R.I. Hitmen), Kevin Cleary (Quakers Hockey), Mike Churchvara (Quakers Hockey), Parker Bishop (Northwood), Brian Taccone (Conn. Oilers), Adam Karashik (Conn. Oilers)

Goalies: Dan Demaria (CP Dynamo), Charl Pretorius (Northwood), Kyle Odierno (Conn. Oilers)


18U Blue

Coaches: Scott Drevitch (Boston Bandits), Jay Hebert (San Diego Gulls), Mike Glick (Igloo Jaguars)

Forwards: Logan Drevitch (Boston Bandits), Mike Taomina (Boston Bandits), Eric Wright (San Diego Gulls), Junyan Mak (San Diego Gulls), Jason Fritsche (Cleveland Lumberjacks), Jeff Eppright (Igloo Jaguars), Cody Braga (Boston Bandits), Ben Kelkis (York Devils), Eddie Pavlini (Jersey Wildcats), Channing Gorscak (Northen Cyclones), Erik Hajdu (Boston Bandits), Nick Schultze (San Diego Gulls)

Defense: Derek Clancy (Boston Bandits), Hayden Ford (Igloo Jaguars), Andrew Frojelin (San Diego Gulls), Dylan Zavetsky (York Devils), Joe Griffin (Northern Cyclones), Rob McClellan (Northern Cyclones), Mike Ragone (Cleveland Lumberjacks), Jamie Casilli (Boston Bandits)

Goalies: Travis Pelke (Igloo Jaguars), Alec Marshall (Northern Cyclones), Lewis Richardson (York Devils)


Congratulations to all players and coaches. Have a happy and healthy New Year!


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Apple Core win 16U regular season title, Monarchs win 18U crown

Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League: Connecticut Oilers 18U squad looking slick early on

Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League: Connecticut Oilers 18U squad looking slick early on

By Joshua Boyd

The Connecticut Oilers 18U team faced its toughest test of the season over the Oct. 4-5 weekend.Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League,EJEPL,18U,Connecticut Oilers,Chris Myhro,USA Junior Hockey

The Oilers took a lot away from the two loses that weekend against CP Dynamo. Despite the defeats, the Oilers are still far and away the best performer in total points in the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League 18U Division. They hold a record of 7-3 and were 7-1 in their Atlantic/South Division.

“We have beaten the teams we are supposed to beat, which says something, but we need to take it to the next level in terms of competing with some of the top under-18 teams in the country,” said Oilers head coach Chris Myhro. “The team has a lot of personality and a good mix of kids from different backgrounds. It’s a fun group to coach.”

The Oilers, who started their EJEPL season back on Aug. 23, went 5-1 before August even ended. Since then, they went 2-2, beating the Long Island Arrows twice before CP Dynamo spoiled the party.

“We’re focusing on being committed to the little things that might not be flashy but win hockey games,” said Myhro. “Handling a rimmed puck or a pass not so perfect on the wall, taking a hit to make the play, working without the puck to be available, taking smart routes and really taking care of the puck.”

He also stressed making several short passes for a scoring chance.

“Not that I don’t like a long stretch pass for a breakaway, but if you make a bunch of good little plays it adds up, and it’s fun,” said Myhro. “I like to see the puck move.”

And, boy, does Kevin Robinson make the puck move. The ’96 racked up 12 goals and nine assists in his 10 games to lead the Oilers and the EJEPL overall.

“He has a gift around the net. His spatial awareness in a 5-foot circle around him is exceptional,” said Myhro. “When you think he has no room cutting hard to the net, he finds some. When he gets his chances he makes the most of them.”

Myhro expects Robinson to see some time with the Oilers’ top team in the Eastern Hockey League this season. “Next year, I think he will be a steady top forward for [the EHL Oilers],” he added.

Robinson had a six-point lead in the league scoring race over teammate and fellow ’96 Jack Mendillo, who had 10 goals and 15 points in his 10 games.

“Jack has a wicked wrister. He can really zip it. It’s fun to watch him shoot, and he is strong on his skates and protects the puck well,” said Myhro.

He also praised team captain ’96 Justin Brown, who plays with “a big heart” and has six points in 10 games.

“The sacrifice he shows for the team on the ice has been tremendous and we really appreciate having him lead us in the right direction, by example,” said Myhro.

Myhro was also very impressed with his defensive corps and what they each bring to the table.

Giancarlo Pochintesta’s off-season work has especially paid off, while Brian Taccone’s puck control is a telltale sign of his roots as a forward, making the transition to D.

Kevin Love is back to full stride after battling back from a lower body injury, Craig Hessenius has a strong shot, Ryan Palmers has a “huge” physical presence, and Eamman McMillon stands at 6-feet-4-inches and has good size and puck control.

Adam Karashik, a ’98, is also turning heads early on.

“He has excellent vision, very good lateral, forward, and backward skating and he protects the puck well,” said Myhro. “He is a young prospect in the area that has great potential.”

In goal, Justin Lampert (’98) put up four shutouts and was “a huge reason” that the Oilers tied Team Illinois.

“He’s the type that can rise to the occasion – what you’d call a ‘gamer,’” said Myhro.

The Oilers are back in EJEPL action next weekend at their home SoNo Ice House in Norwalk, Conn., against the Phantoms Youth squad of Bethlehem, Pa.


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Boston Jr. Bandits: Newcomers take over Eastern Hockey League squad early

Boston Jr. Bandits: Newcomers take over Eastern Hockey League squad early

By Joshua Boyd

Latvian import Davis Zembergs has bided his time in the Boston Bandits organization the last two years, playing for the 18U, Empire League and Metropolitan League teams.

Now that he’s gotten his chance with the Bandits’ top squad in the Eastern Hockey League, he’s making it count early.Eastern Hockey League,USA Junior Hockey

Through the Bandits’ first six games, Zembergs was leading the team in scoring with seven points. Zembergs was just ahead of ’95 Fort Lauderdale, Fla., native Clay Berger and ’94 Newport Beach, Calif., native Brandon Seal. Each had five points.

Zembergs scored 79 points to lead the MET team last year, placing fifth in that circuit in scoring. He also helped lead his home country Latvia qualify for the top group in April’s World Under-18 National Championships, where they will face the U.S., Canada, et al. Zembergs has two goals and five assists.

Berger has joined this year from Milton Academy in Massachusetts, where he was a regular contributor. Seal scored 40 points in 31 games for last year’s MET Bandits and also played in six EHL games in 2013-14.

These three are examples of the almost 100 percent new lineup for the Bandits’ EHL squad.

“The team has 19 newcomers this year to the lineup, so practice time has been spent working on refining [play in] the defensive zone,” said head coach Todd Stirling.

On defense, the only returning blueliner ’94 Matt Michalke was the most productive, offensively. He had a goal and three assists in the first six games.

Returning goalie Billy Palmer, a ’95 from Cranston, R.I., went 2-1 and already registered a shutout over the New York Bobcats. His creasemate Calvin Shelley, formerly of the Portland Jr. Pirates 18U team, was also 2-1 with a .906 save percentage.

Amongst the forward ranks, the only holdovers from the 2013-14 EHL squad are Seal, Jon Stickel, and Connor Court. Both Stickel and Court had a pair of points.

Former Lake Forest Academy player Nate Chase, former Noble & Greenough School forward Drew Bennett and former Portland Jr. Pirate Nick Pezza were both among the impressive newcomers, with three points apiece.

Like Zembergs, Hungarian import Zsombor Garat helped his home country move up a level in the World Under-18 tournaments, to the Division 1A group, which Hungary will host in 2015.


Learning curve for Metropolitan League Bandits

It’s never easy to defend a championship that your present group of players had essentially nothing to do with.

However, that’s the situation for the 2014-15 Boston Bandits of the Metropolitan Junior Hockey League (MET).

“This year’s Bandits are an entirely new team from last season’s Keegan Cup champions,” said first-year MET head coach Todd Jacobson.

“This year’s group is very inexperienced when it comes to the junior game,” Jacobson added. “Only five players played junior hockey last season, while the rest are in their first year of junior competition. There will be a learning curve early in the season but I am very excited with this group.”

New ’95 goalies Joe Vinay (East Bridgewater, Mass.) and Brendan Sullivan (Dartmouth, Mass.) take over the crease. Vinay played for the 2013-14 Walpole Express MET team. Shay Kilfoye, a ’94 from East Bridgewater, and Spencer Andrews (’94, Bourne, Mass.) join ’95 Bridgewater resident Nick Holmes as the cornerstones of the defensive corps.

Kilfoye, Andrews, fellow defenseman Bryan Bachelder (Halifax, Mass.) and forward Chris Tanner (Rockland, Mass.) all played for the same junior squad last year.

Tanner leads the forwards, but he’s certainly not alone in the top group up front. He’s joined by South African import Xander Botha, and Massachusetts residents Brendan Collins (Norwell), Cam Levesque (Swansea), Mike Lavoie (Fall River) and Adam Haigh (Brockton).

Collins, a ’95, had three points in the first three games to lead the team in scoring.

“Our strengths are speed and overall work ethic,” said Jacobson. “With their willingness to buy into our systems, we will be positioned for a run in the playoffs come March.”

18U update: The 18U Bandits started the 2014-15 season in Ann Arbor in the first-ever East Coast Elite League Showcase. They were
joined by league members the Rocky Mountain Roughriders, New Jersey Rockets, Iowa Wild, Hill Academy and Hartford Jr. Wolfpack.

Guest participants the Michigan Nationals and Victory Honda also played in the showcase.

“All the teams enjoyed very fast-paced, competitive games all weekend,” said 18U head coach Scott Drevitch.

His team tied all four games, and lost the ensuing shootouts.

“Overall, the weekend was good for us, as we have only been together for a little over a week,” said Drevitch. “We held leads late in three of the four games, and obviously we need to put teams away. It gave us a chance to see where we fit and what we need to work on.”

Merrimack College (NCAA Division 1) recruit Logan Drevitch, a ’98 from Middleboro, Mass., led the team in scoring at the tournament with five points.

Kosice, Slovakia native Erik Hajdu (’96) posted three goals and an assist, while fellow ’96 and Plymouth, Mass., native Mike Taormina had four assists.

Verners Fricbergs, a ’98 from Latvia, had a goal on the weekend, as did ‘96’s Curry White (Naples, Fla.) and Kyle Hooper (Brunswick, Md.)

The Bandits will next play in the East College Cup in Connecticut (Oct. 10-13) and in the Beantown Fall Classic (Oct. 24-26).

16U update: The 16U Bandits joined the 18U team in Ann Arbor, and also played in the Tier-1 Shootout over Labor Day weekend.

“Although the team was really bit by the injury bug and the win-loss results were not what we hoped for, the two weekends were great for the boys to bond, fight through some early adversity and start building on a foundation for success,” said head coach Mark Jones.

In head-to-head action, the Bandits defeated the Boston Jr. Terriers, and was set to play in EJEPL games over two weekends before the East College Cup and the Beantown Fall Classic.

Due to injuries and a need to spark the offense, last year’s top defenseman, offensive-minded ’98 Cooper Jones, was moved up to wing and the move has paid immediate dividends.

“We needed to create a few lines that could really put pressure on people and generate some offense,” said Coach Jones.

Cooper Jones and fellow ’98’s Justin Boffshever and Chad Merrell “are very tough to play against and potent, when they are going,” Coach Jones added.

Nick Flanders and hard-working Josh Gillrie are ’98’s playing the second line with ’99 Brendan Jones.

“They are also a strong group that will be in your face shift to shift,” said Coach Jones.

Defensemen Mick Deaver, Eli Haller, Tyler Viera and Jack Edgar (all ’98’s) are logging key minutes, as are goalies Blake Norman and Ned Murphy (’98’s) and Nick Stiles (’99).

“Although their numbers have not been great early, they are a strong goaltending group that will be key to the team’s success going forward,” added Coach Jones.

Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League: Girls divisions set for three age groups

Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League: Girls divisions set for three age groups

After careful planning, the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League Lady Prospects Divisions are ready for the 2014-15 season.

Co-directors Rich Righi and Devra Pulley have done a great job organizing the three divisions.

In the U12 Division, teams include Lady Islanders, New Jersey Rockets, Polar Bears, Lady Bulldogs, Quakers Hockey and NOVA.

In the U14 division, teams include Lady Islanders, West Chester Wild, Connecticut Ice Cats, Lady Bulldogs, Quakers Hockey, CP Dynamo, South Shore Conquistadors and NOVA.

In the U16/U19 level, the Lady Islanders, New Jersey Rockets, Lady Bulldogs, Quakers, Westchester Wild and Connecticut Barons will compete. There are several other teams inquiring for admission in the inaugural season.

The teams will play a 12-game schedule with two showcases accounting for eight of the games. Playoffs will be in Frozen Four format.

The boys are preparing to begin their season in four weeks with many showcases and special events scheduled for the third EJEPL season. The competition should be excellent in all five levels of play.

All-Stars for the U12-13-14’s will be hosted by the Connecticut Oilers, and for the U16-18’s by the Boston Bandits and Rhode Island Hitmen at Brown University. The playoffs will be hosted at the 12-13-14 level by the Little Flyers and at the 16-18 level by the CP Dynamo.

The new point system highlights some of the new changes for the EJEPL with three points for a regulation win and two for an OT win.

The EJEPL has eliminated shootouts. The new OT format will be 4×4 for five minutes followed by a new 3×3 OT for another five minutes.

FastHockey.com will be a part of the EJEPL, showing games at the U18 level and all-stars and playoffs, with some showcases also on the network.

Vice commissioner Larry Nastasi is very busy supervising the uploading of over 100 schedules and rosters onto the website EJEPL.com.

Showcase hosts include Brewster, Philly Revolution, Buffalo Regals, Igloo Jaguars, Northern Cyclones, New Hampshire Monarchs, Connecticut Chiefs and Quakers Hockey.

Please visit the website at EJEPL.com to view stories, league information and all the stats and special features in the EJEPL.

The EJEPL has officially received trademark status and the EJEPL will only get better as time goes on.

For 2015-16, U10, U11, U15 and U19 levels will be added as well as a developmental league for second teams. The entire EJEPL family wishes every organization the best of luck for the 2014-15 season.


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