Suffolk Juniors: Tough month of conference play for Juniors

Suffolk Juniors: Tough month of conference play for Juniors

The Suffolk Juniors had a chance to make moves in the Empire Junior League’s Western Conference standings in the month of December but could not take advantage of their easiest stretch of games against conference opponents.

Suffolk was only able to grab six out of a potential 14 points going 3-4-0 and getting shut out twice during that span of games.

The month of December did not start as planned for the Juniors. They went through their longest losing streak of the season at three games. However, they rebounded to finish the stretch on a high note, defeating the Jersey Wildcats, 6-5.

It wasn’t pretty as they let a four-goal lead slip away but survived for what could be their biggest win of the season. The team lacked consistency through December both offensively and defensively, despite outshooting the opposition 323-248. The Juniors could only find the back of the net 19 times while surrendering thirty three goals against their opponents.

The Juniors need to learn how to play a complete 60-minute hockey game if they want to compete with some of the best teams in the league. The coaching staff has done a solid job through the first half of the season as the team continues to find the recipe to success.

Suffolk has the toughest schedule in the league and currently ranks eighth in the KRACH rankings system with their 14-10-0-1 record for a total of 29 points in 25 games.

The youngest team in the league has lived up to the expectations thus far in its first season in the Empire Junior Hockey League with captain Mike Leone and winger Chris Seeback leading the way offensively.

Defenseman Michael Gilroy and goaltender Daniel Potter will have the honor of representing the Suffolk Juniors on team Western Conference in the 2013 All-Star Game.

The emergence of Nicholas Mangone has been a breath of fresh air to the team as he has eight goals in 17 games and has not relinquished his spot in the line-up.

His biggest moment of the season was his game-winning goal against the Philadelphia Revolution to snap Philly’s six-game winning streak at the time. Suffolk has 15 games remaining in the season, each game being very important for them.

The Juniors have to gain at least 20 out of the 30 points up for grabs to clinch their first ever trip to the Empire playoffs.

– By Charles Natalello

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