Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League: All-Stars announced for first-year league

Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League: All-Stars announced for first-year league

The first annual Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League All-Star event will take place in Hooksett, N.H., at the Tri-Town Ice Arena Sunday night on Jan. 20 and Monday morning Jan 21.

“This should be a great two days of hockey at its best,” said league commissioner Henry Lazar. “The players and coaches worked extremely hard to gain this honor.”

As the New Year approaches, the New Jersey Hitmen led the league with 28 points in the standings. The Islanders Hockey Club (17) and Maksymum Hockey (19) were close behind, percentage-wise.

In the scoring race, Brandon Altman (Boston Bandits) and D.J. Goldstein (Islanders) are tied with 22 points each. The Bandits’ Bennett Altman and Logan Drevitch were also right there at 21 and 20 points, respectively.

In the goalie race, Justin Gray leads the pack with a .966 save percentage for the Isles. The playoffs will be held at Tri-Town Ice Arena Feb. 22-24 in the battle for the Dan Esdale Cup.


Blue Team

Goal: Nick Modica (Hitmen) and Brian Ketchabaw (Apple Core)

Defense: Ryan Ashe (Junior Bruins), Chad Krys (Oilers), Wilson McCloy (Apple Core), Brandon O’Callahan (Hitmen), Jamie Dyer (Breakers) and Kevin O’Leary (Oilers)

Forwards: Jack Badini (Oilers), Ian Bernes (Hitmen), Hunter McCauley (Breakers), Wade Novak (Hitmen), John Deroche (Bruins), Alex Whelan (Hitmen), Justin Collins (Warriors), Daniel Winslow (Apple Core), Justin Tiso (Hitmen), John McDermott (Oilers), Patrick Harper (Oilers), Rob Clerc (Apple Core), and Chad Briscoe (Breakers). The coaches are Bill Thompson (Hitmen) and Mykul Haun (Apple Core).


White Team

Goalie: Monty Cunningham (Maksymum), Connor Minch (Monarchs) and Jacob Cordeiro (Monarchs)

Defense: Cooper Jones (Bandits), Matt Damelio (Maksymum), Derek Clancy (Bandits), Matt Buchbinder (Maksymum), Chad L’Heureux (Monarchs), Jared Ostroski (Islanders) Buddy Mrowka (Bandits) and Justin Trindade (Kings).

Forwards: Logan Drevitch (Bandits), Chris Peters (Maksymum), Connor Moynihan (Islanders), Evan Tyros (Monarchs), DJ Goldstein (Islanders), Rich Francis (Maksymum), Austin Pieniaszek (Maksymum), Max Sauve (Kings), Bennett Altman (Bandits), Colton McAllister (Monarchs), Brandon Altman (Bandits) and Matt Steeves (Monarchs). The Coaches are Dave Maksimiu (Maksymum) and Jeremy Vega (Monarchs).